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How to Build Up Your Elderly Loved One’s Self-Confidence

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As seniors age, they often lose a bit of their self-confidence. This could be due to losing a loved one or being unable to enjoy the same activities they used to when they were younger. For this reason, it’s important for live-in Birmingham, AL, caregivers to boost their senior loved ones’ self-esteem. Here are some simple and effective ways to do so.


Many seniors are afraid to exercise. Encourage your loved one to start out slow. Seniors who exercise on a regular basis are usually less likely to fall as it builds flexibility. Exercising also naturally releases hormones in the body that make senior’s happier. Therefore, they feel better about themselves.

Replace Negative Thinking

Whenever you hear or feel that your senior is thinking negatively, stop what you are doing. Find out what he or she is thinking. Never assume that you understand what your loved one is thinking without confirming it with him or her. Then, find ways to help the senior see the silver lining behind the dark cloud.

Set Small Goals

Seniors often have trouble setting goals. Encourage your loved one to find something that he or she wants to accomplish. Then, have that senior break that goal down into smaller steps. Once the senior accomplishes the step make sure to praise him or her.

Do Volunteer Work

Many seniors feel that their lives no longer have a purpose. Encourage the senior to find someone to help. It can be a special project that fills a need in a person’s life that your loved one knows. Alternatively, consider getting the senior involved with the work of a non-profit organization.

Talk About the Senior’s Fears

Some seniors have unrealistic fears that lower their self-esteem. Talk to the senior about those fears. Many find that it is helpful when they can just share it with another person. If there is a problem, it is much easier to solve when two people are working together to come up with solutions. 

One of the most important things that you can do is to find a way to make the senior feel important each day. One way you can do so is by hiring Home Care Assistance of Birmingham to look after your senior loved one. Our live-in and hourly caregivers specialize in boosting our clients’ self-esteem and emotional wellbeing. Call (205) 438-6927 today to learn more about our in-home services and schedule a complimentary consultation.