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How to Ease Arthritis Pain During Winter

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Seniors who have arthritis often feel worse in the winter because of changes in the barometric pressure. If you care for a senior with arthritis, then there are some home remedies that you may want to suggest to help your senior feel better. Below are a few tricks that come recommended by Birmingham, AL, at-home care professionals.

Good Night’s Sleep

Encourage your senior to get at least eight hours of sleep every night. If he or she has trouble getting to sleep because of arthritis pain, then suggest that he or she tries guided imagery. If the senior does not get enough sleep at night, suggest a nap during the day.


While it may hurt to start moving, seniors who exercise on a regular basis usually have less trouble with arthritis pain. Water exercise and other low-impact aerobic exercises are usually the best.

Capsaicin Rubs

It is easy for Birmingham, AL, hourly care professionals to prepare a capsaicin rub at home by combining a few dashes of cayenne pepper with some extra-virgin olive oil. Then, have the senior rub the mixture onto the hurting joints to relieve the pain. 

Epsom Salt Bath

Taking an Epsom salt bath can help your senior loved one find relief from arthritis pain. Simply dump two cups of salt into a bathtub of water and have your loved one soak in it. The magnesium in the salt absorbs into the body helping joints to feel better.

Garlic Tea

Drinking garlic tea can help the senior find relief from arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory properties. This tea is also a great choice because of its ability to help fight off viruses. It is easy to make garlic tea at home by boiling some in a pan of water. Lemon juice and honey can be added to help improve the taste.

Pectin and Grape Juice

Adding a tablespoon of pectin to a glass of grapefruit juice may help stop the effects of arthritis if consumed on a regular basis. The pectin may help restore natural tissue health while the grape juice is loaded with nutrients improving the senior’s overall health.

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