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5 Ways Your Elderly Parent Can Benefit from Reflexology

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Some Birmingham in-home caregivers believe reflexology is similar to massage therapy in several ways. A reflexologist typically applies pressure to the senior’s hands, feet, face and outer ears. These are considered reflex areas, and is believed that stimulating them can alleviate health problems such as pain and stiffness. Here are five ways your elderly parent can benefit from reflexology.

1. Improved Balance

Nerve endings can be stimulated when reflexologists place pressure on the feet, allowing your elderly parent to develop better awareness of certain body areas. This can encourage seniors to improve balance on their feet as well as confidence in their mobility. Never attempt reflexology on your own, however, as only practitioners will understand how to properly execute the therapy.

2. Reduced Stress

When your elderly parent is less stressed and more relaxed, he or she may not fret over daily problems as much as before. Reflexology can be helpful in improving your senior loved one’s ability to stay active and communicate with you or his or her Birmingham senior care professional.

3. Better Circulation

Pressure applied to the legs and hands can improve circulation in the limbs. This is another way mobility could perhaps be affected in a positive manner. Your parent will not feel as sore or immobile, either, with improved circulation.

4. Increased Range of Motion

Reflexology can aid in an elderly individual’s range of motion. Your elderly parent may be able to not only move better, but stretch and rotate his or her body with ease and precision. This is also a great way to add to overall fitness for the elderly individual.

5. Increased Energy

Stimulating reflex points in an elderly person’s body is a great way to increase his or her energy. The key to a good life is mobility, and having energy gives people motivation to keep moving. It’s great for the individual’s emotional wellbeing as well.

With reflexology, your loved one will have a holistic approach to these and other common issues. You can also turn to Home Care Assistance to help your loved one take a more hands-on approach to his or her overall wellbeing. We provide flexible live-in and hourly home care Birmingham, AL, seniors can trust to help them remain active and vital during the golden years. Call (205) 438-6927 today to learn more about our unique in-home services and how they can be adjusted to meet your loved one’s needs.