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5 Questions to Ask an Elderly Loved One’s Doctor

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When you bring your senior loved one to the doctor’s office for an appointment, it’s important to have your questions prepared. This can help your loved one receive comprehensive care. Birmingham, AL, senior home care professionals suggest you ask the following questions during a doctor’s visit.

1. What Changes Should I Watch For?

It’s common for seniors to experience physical or mental changes as they age. Ask the doctor about signs you should be watching for, which will depend on your loved one’s age and any underlying health issues, such as a higher risk of dementia.

2. What Exercises Are Good for Increasing Balance and Coordination?

Seniors have a high risk of falling, which can result in broken hips or other injuries. Ask your loved one’s doctor about exercises to help seniors increase balance and coordination. These exercises can help lower your loved one’s risk of falling. 

3. Are Any New Prescriptions Being Added?

Some seniors take multiple prescriptions for different medical conditions. When you bring your loved one in for a checkup, ask the doctor about any new medications being prescribed. You should also ask about side effects and potential interactions with other medications or certain foods. 

4. What Tests Are Being Done?

Seniors often undergo more tests than younger individuals due to the higher risk of developing certain conditions, such as glaucoma or prostate cancer. Ask your loved one’s doctor which tests are being done, whether or not there are any risks and how the results will be given. 

5. Is This a Chronic Health Problem?

If your loved one has been diagnosed with a health problem, ask the doctor if it is considered a chronic one. Chronic health conditions cannot be cured, but your loved one can manage them with treatment, lifestyle changes, and medications. Managing chronic conditions can help relieve symptoms and possibly prevent them from becoming worse.

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