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7 Exciting Sit-Down Games for Older Adults

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Boredom is a frequent complaint among seniors, so it is useful to have some fun ideas for senior activities. Playing games makes it easier for seniors to pass the time and keep their minds active. Some games in particular are especially appropriate for seniors with limited mobility or those who just want to relax for a little while. These seven sit-down games can provide plenty of enjoyment. 

1. Pictionary

The gameplay in Pictionary is similar to charades, but seniors draw images instead of having to walk around while acting things out. This guessing game encourages seniors to use memory, language, and drawing skills, so it provides a lot of valuable mental stimulation. It can easily be played in small or large groups, so this game is suitable for a variety of situations.

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2. Card Games

Rummy, pinochle, bridge, and canasta are all popular card games that can provide hours of fun for seniors. To make it easier for everyone to play, purchase a deck of large print playing cards. These cards have larger numbers that make it easier for seniors to see the suite and number of the card.

3. Yahtzee

Yahtzee is a dice game that lets seniors use their analytical and mathematical skills. It can be played as a single or multiplayer game, so Yahtzee is quite versatile. The game requires nothing more than five dice and a scorecard, making it a sit-down game that can be transported anywhere.

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4. Wii Games

The Wii gaming console uses a motion capturing technique that makes video games fun and easy for seniors. Instead of having to use tiny hand motions, the Wii requires broad arm gestures that make it possible for seniors with arthritis to still play games. This can be a great way to play fun-filled games like tennis without having to stand up.

5. Bingo

Bingo is the perfect sit-down game for a large group of seniors. It is very interactive and is often played for prizes. Large bingo scorecards and markers make it easier for seniors to play the game regardless of mobility issues.

6. Mahjong

Though this tabletop game for four players originated in China, it is now popular throughout the world. The thick tiles used in Mahjong are easy for seniors to grasp, and it uses a combination of memory skills and analytical skills to create a fun game.

7. Chess

Chess is often viewed as one of the most mentally rigorous games, so seniors will enjoy the opportunity to beat an opponent in a game of wits. The simple black and white color scheme and unusual piece shapes of chess lets seniors play even if they have impaired vision.

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