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Stroke Care

Birmingham’s Trusted Stroke Care Experts

Senior stroke survivors are often anxious to return home and regain their independence, but even with the support of family, recovery can be challenging. Physical, emotional, and behavioral changes are all too common following a stroke and often mean seniors need to modify the way their day-to-day tasks are completed. Home Care Assistance of Birmingham, AL, understands this challenge, and we are here to help. Our professional stroke caregivers provide recovery assistance in the comfort of home in exactly the way it is needed most.

Helping Stroke Survivors Manage Daily Tasks

The recovery period looks a little different for each senior, and there is no magical timeline for how long it will last. At Home Care Assistance Birmingham, our personalized stroke care plans are developed with the needs and goals of each senior in mind. As these needs change, plans can be modified to ensure the care remains effective and appropriate.

As part of this individualized plan, stroke caregivers can assist with these and many other tasks:

  • Bathing, dressing, and personal care
  • Meal preparation
  • Transportation and accompaniment to appointments
  • Grocery shopping and running errands
  • General housekeeping
  • Support while completing activities prescribed by medical professionals
  • Mobility and exercise
  • Medication reminders

Experienced Stroke Caregivers Facilitate Recovery

Every senior’s reaction to having a stroke is very different. Though some might be positive and accepting of care, others have a more difficult time transitioning home and beginning this stage of recovery. Birmingham Home Care Assistance’s stroke caregivers are experienced and trained to manage the many different emotions stroke survivors express. They provide the highest caliber of care that promotes dignity and encourages seniors as they move toward their highest level of recovery. Our complimentary matching service also helps ensure stroke caregivers and seniors have a lot in common, making it easier to accept beneficial care without hesitation and providing family members with peace of mind.

Home Care Assistance in Birmingham provides seniors with the care they need to live long and fulfilling lives following a stroke. Learn more about the services we can offer your family by contacting us at (205) 438-6927 to request a free consultation.